About Fos Products

About Fos ProductsAbout Fos Products


The Greek word fos (φως) means light, a light we shed on our superior quality ingredients capturing the true flavor of the Mediterranean sun.

FOS brand is inspired by authentic Greek cuisine, which combines tasty ingredients in a simple way producing nutritious and mouth-watering dishes.

Authentic – FOS products are simple quality ingredients of the Authentic Greek cuisine. We choose only genuine and trustworthy raw materials keeping the traditional receipts and processing methods that were used from ancient years preserved over time.

Selected – With effort and knowledge through detailed search and tasting, FOS collects products according to the international quality standards to ensure traceability and consistency. Only the best can become part of FOS family.

  • all raw materials are selected and tested according to our specification requirements in compliance with EU regulation;
  • all production processes are certified according to international standards (ISO, BRC, IFS);
  • throughout all the selection and production stages quality standards are applied to ensure consistency of the FOS products.

International brand – FOS products are supported through services related to labelling, logistics, marketing plans and client service,  so they can stand on the shelves worldwide.

  • Ensure that the packaging and the written information meet all legal requirements, conveying clear information to the consumer;
  • Cover the needs of the distribution network for structured packaging with the required markings of weight and pallets according to the market specifications;
  • Design and implement marketing plans adapted to the particularities of each market;
  • Quick response, confidence and responsibility are the main values of the FOS team in the relation with its customers.